June- Friendship
Theme:"The Closer we are to God, the closer we are to each other" (sermon 340)
Prayer: Blessed are those who love you, Oh Lord and love their friends in You and their enemies because of you. (sermon 340)
July- Common Good
Theme:"The good that we desire for ourselves, we desire for our neighbor as well" (True Religion 87)
Prayer: Oh Lord, my God, pay heed to my prayer. Look mercy on my desire which is not concerned with myself alone, But with my neighbor's good as well.. (True Religion 11,2)
August - Interiority
Theme:"Knowing onselelf is the excellent way ti know God" (Saint Augustine)
Prayer: You, Lord, are the unfailing light and from you I sought to know the existence, nature and worth of all things as I listened to your teaching and commandments. (Confessions 10,40)
September- Humility/Truth
Theme:"To reach the height of greatness, use the ladder of humility" (Sermon 96,3)
Prayer:"Lord, how exalted you are and yet the humble of heart are your dwilling"(Confessions 11,31)
October - Prayer
Theme:"When you pray, ponder in your heart what your lips " (Rule of Saint Augustine chapter 11,12 )
Prayer: Lord, I am poor and needy and you are generous to all who appeal to you. (Confessions 10,2).
November - Community
Theme:"Augustinians Community; One in mind, One in Heart and honoring God in each other" (Rule 1,8)
Prayer: I implore you, God, You to whom faith calls us, Hope lead us, and love unites us, Come to me in you mercy. (Sal. 1,3)
December - Generous Service
Theme:"Service in love in action" (Augustinian REflection )
Prayer: Oh Lord, my God, You alone do I love, You alone do I follow, You alone do I seek, You alone am I prepared to serve. (Salmo 1,1)
January - Love and the Order to Love
Theme:" The measure of love consists in loving without measure" (Ep. 155)
Prayer: " Oh to love! to go and lost to self! to reach God" (Sermon 159,8)
February - Freedom
Theme:" True Freedom consists in the joy of working well" (Euch. 30,9)

Prayer: Lord, all my hope rests in your great meacy. Give what you command, and then command whatever You will. (Confessions 10,29)

March - Devotion/Pursuit of Wisdom
Theme:" Let your findings be such that you go on searching and let your searching be such that you go on finding" (St. Augustine)
Prayer: Lord, Inspire me with Your love, that I may teach sweetnes. Give me patience, that I may teach discipline. Enlighten my understanding , that may I teach wisdom. ( Commentary on Psalm 118,4)