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The main objective of the school health program is to provide a framework in which the school’s medical department could implement its activities for the school in cooperation with the school administration.

The program would consist of the following:

  1. Health Services
  2. Health Education
  3. Nutrition Services
  4. Physical Education
  5. Counseling & Social Services
  6. School Environment
  7. Family Education/ Involvement



These services are designed to ensure primary healthcare services, prevent and control communicable disease and provide emergency care for illness and injury.

  1. Computerization of all medical records.
  2. Pre Employment medical examination for all incoming new teachers.
  3. Annual medical evaluation of all school personnel – to include chest x-ray and blood chemistries.
  4. Physical medical examination and profiling of results of all students.
  5. Provide medical consult / treatment for immediate school health cases that are referred to the school clinic.



This refers to a planned program that will address the physical, mental and emotional health of the school personnel and students.

  1. Conduct lectures on Personal Health, Family and Community Health, Mental and Emotional Health, Safety & Injury Prevention, Nutrition and Prevention and Control of Disease.
  2. Possible coordination with the School’s Science Department on film features with regards to Physiologic changes and Behavior patterns of School children.
  3. Coordination with the Department of Health, Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF), Department of Agriculture, Nutrition Council of the Philippines and Bureau of Fire for lectures on Emergency Life Support and Fire Drill for all school personnel.
  4. Periodic meetings with the PTA (Parent & Teacher Association), to discuss school health concerns



These services would include a program for all School Personnel, Parents and school children that would provide for access to total Nutritional values.

  1. Periodic lectures by Nutritionists / Dieticians on the Dietary Guidelines of the Food program for Teachers, Parents and school children.
  2. “Hands on Nutritional Modules” for the school children
  3. Invitational Lectures to the school canteen concessionaries with regards to the nutritional value of food and proper food display.



This service is planned to promote total quality Physical activities within the bounds of Health.

  1. To invite Sports qualified Physiatrists to Lecture to all school athletes and trainors on the proper methods of athletic training.
  2. Periodic medical evaluation of school athletes by the school physician or qualified sports doctor as to their athletic fitness.
  3. Provide lectures on Specific sport nutrients.
  4. Coordinate with the P.E. teachers with regards with the age relevant P.E activities.



This refers to the close coordination service between the School Guidance Counselor and the School Medical Department with regards to the school children’s mental, emotional and social health.

  1. To invite Child Psychiatrists to evaluate the school’s counseling program.
  2. To initiate lectures by child Psychiatrists/ Psychometricians for the PTA, that would seek assessment to a parent’s skills in handling problems with regards to mental health.
  3. To coordinate with the School Admission Committee and the Guidance Department to evaluate prospective new student s with regards AD.
  4. Proper referrals between the Medical Department, Guidance Department and the School Administration with regards students’ persistent unresolved health problems.



The physical surroundings of the school may influence the health status of school children.  Thus, a close coordination between the School Administration and the Medical Department would enhance the school’s health program.

  1. Periodic physical inspection of the school surroundings, to include the school canteen and school rest rooms.
  2. Yearly medical evaluation of the school canteen concessionaries… to include Chest X-ray, stool examination and clearance from the City Health Department.
  3. Weekly inspection of foods being served by the canteen and concessionaires.
  4. Periodic evaluation of the Janitorial services to include the health status of the janitors and the chemicals being used to clean the school premises.
  5. Periodic evaluation of the school classrooms. To consider proper ventilation, hazardous glass windows and faulty doors. Evaluation f stairs and exit facilities.



The support of the parents is important for a Medical program to succeed.

    • Formation of a health council that would coordinate with the school medical department with regards to health problems.
    • Periodic meetings with the PTA and School Administration for any health concerns.


    1. The school clinic is open from 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM Monday to Friday.

    ---->The school nurse is available at all times stipulated in the above clinic hours.

    ----->The school physician is available every M-W-F from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

    2. The school clinic is for the exclusive use of CSN students and personnel who need immediate medical attention.

    ---->Unauthorized persons are not allowed within the clinic premises.
    ---->The school clinic telephone is for the exclusive use of clinic personnel.

    3. The school clinic attends to minor ailments such as headache, fever, dizziness, abdominal pain, Loose bowel movement, vomiting, bruises and abrasions.

    ----->Complicated and or surgical casers are referred to a tertiary hospital with the approval of the CSN Principal and Parent concerned.

    ----->The above mentioned minor ailments will be treated accordingly with first dose of medication. Parents are advised to follow up the cases with subsequent dosing /medication/ treatment to be done at home with their own family physician.

    4. The school clinic adheres to the school’s Policy:

    ---->SICK children should stay at home, duly attended by their parents / caregiver and Referred to their own private physicians.

    ---->The school clinic provides first aid treatment to medical conditions that require extra care but immediate refer these to tertiary institutions.

    c) Parents are reminded to include extra clothing in their children’s school bags for any emergency.

    5. School clinic medical equipment / gadgets that have been indiscriminately destroyed by CSN students or personnel must be replaced immediately.


















































































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